Horde Raids and Silly Hats

WoWScrnShot_101209_201351I joined a For the Alliance! achievement raid last night for kicks. I’ve been meaning to do this one for quite a while now, but just never got around to it. I even got a chance to hook up with an old WoW buddy from way back in vanilla. Despite a slow start, it went surprisingly smooth for a PuG; Not a single hitch, save for the perpetually broke and lost level 65 nub hunter. Seriously, holy bananas people. How hard is it to repair and buy ammo before a raid then move your ass over to a spot on the map? Go go [item]Reins of the Black War Bear[/item]!

I’ve been in the mood to play a lot lately. I finally did the Caverns of Time quest and got [item]Don Carlos’ Famous Hat[/item] of awesomeness (just need to decide on a pretty dress to idle in Dalaran with :P). Oh: This one is kind of lame, but I also finally obtained the Bronze Drake from the timed Culling of Stratholme event. I don’t remember the last time I bothered doing that heroic. Actually, I’m not sure why I usually skip it seeing that there is a portal leading right to it from Dalaran.

My hunter is an alchemist but not a herbalist, so leveling this profession has been a giant gold sink with little to no benefit as of yet (I don’t really put a whole lot of effort into any of his professions). He has been a sub-par alchemist for several years and I can’t really think of a single instance where it’s been all that useful to have in respect to my main. I’m wondering if it is worthwhile to switch his profession over toJewelcrafting since it is complementary to his mining gathering skill (and for the easy moneys).

WoWScrnShot_101109_211844I have one and only one wish for WoW at the moment: Secondary vanity head slots. It’s not an unreasonable wish to be able to wear a pimp at or sombrero during a raid encounter (without being yelled at) all the while reaping the benefits from helm. It’s not as if too many people actually have the helm graphics enabled anyways.

So here’s my idea: There should two head slots. Not real original but I’ve wanted it for ages >_< Slot one, the Practical Use Slot, would function exactly how the head slots currently function. Slot two, the Vanity Slot on the other hand, would only affect the visual appearance of your character. So any stat or armor bonuses on an item equipped into the Vanity Slot would be non-functional (it can even be reflected on the slot item tooltip). The Vanity slot overrides the appearance of the Practical Use Slot if an item is equipped. Make sense? probably not…

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