Gone Fishin’

I spent a chunk of Sunday leveling fishing and cooking. No raider is complete without food buffs; Don't overlook them, the buffs are very nice. Don't buy food…just fish and cook it, it's cheaper. Before, I was mailing food materials over to a guildmate to cook, but it really is more convenient for me just to do it myself. Cooking isn't really that hard to level. Find the list if recipies on WoWWiki and buy out the meat on the AH.

So my favorite fishing hole: Zangarmarsh, at the lagoon near Cenarion Refuge. It's a good location because it's relatively close to Shattrath and it's near a mailbox (bags get full fast). It's also good because every fish cooks into something useful.

You get three types of fish from Zangarmarsh: Zangarian Sporefish, Huge Spotted Feltail, and Barbed Gill Trout. Which can be cooked into: Blackened Sporefish (20 sta & 8 mp/5), Feltail Delight (20 sta & 20 spi), Blackened Trout (4320 health over 20 seconds. Pet food). It's a great place to level fishing if you aren't quite at 375 (I'm not high enough to fish or cook the crawdays :P).

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