[FFRK] Caius (Ultimate+)

My goal was to create a post about each FFRK event and other games for the sake of being more active on this site. Major league Overwatch obsession and being busy in general kind of pushed that off of the menu unfortunately. But alas, I am back to playing FFRK beyond just completing the events and then ignoring the game.

I am pretty tempted to pull during this banner for Lightning’s BSB. It’s not the best BSB, but given that she has decent stats and I already have her SSB, she is one of my Shout party staples. She will be even more of a staple once Full Charge and Chainstarter are released (5* Combat and 5* Celerity abilities that combo together rather well). If I recall correctly, the only characters with both 5* Combat and 5* Celerity are Lightning, Gau, Tidus, and Zack. 

There was not a lot of strategy or finesse required for this one. It was pretty much: Apply full mitigation, cleanse Regen off ASAP (because it ticks for 9k+…), charge SB bars, reapply full mitigation and Shout at around 50%, burn him down. Cauis’ “gimmick” is that his damage increases greatly as the encounter progresses. Once he reaches his weak phase, the fight is more-or-less a DPS race. I was however, fortunate enough that his opening bit was spread out enough to not gib one of my characters. It is probably worth noting that FFXIII would be one of the realms in which I have decent synergy. I have been patiently awaiting for this event for the sake of reaping the benefits of lopsided pull RNG…

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Roaming Warrior: 

His damage output was high enough to warrant bringing two supports to fit in both Full Break, Power Breakdown, Magic Breakdown, Shellga, and Protectga. Full mitigation gimped is damage during his Normal phase and made it tolerable during his Weak phase. During the last quarter of the encounter, I had underestimated exactly how much Caius’ damage had increased and ended up not casting Medica when I should have. Consequently, Selphie ate it and everyone else’s health dipped below the medal loss threshold. I was luckily still able to master the fight, but not perfectly.

Snow’s SB did significantly less damage than Saint Cross and was thus fairly useless. I probably should have taken Cecil along for his taunt SB. If I recall correctly, a few of Caius’s abilities are tauntable. Regardless, I am very glad that I chose to invest in Saint Cross. With Shout it does 2×9999 damage.

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