Dwarf Fortress: Chapter 1

Started playing Dwarf Fortress. I am using the Lazynewb pack with one of the included graphical tilesets, which makes it a bit more digestible for a new player. Achievements for today’s game progress include: Figuring out how to not starve over the course of x game months, brewing alcohol, assigning a bedroom. As you can see, not what I would consider the best and most robust fortress design but hey I figured out how to build something! (With the help of a tutorial).


…and here would be the aforementioned bedroom (giant room to the right). It is way too big. I had attempted to correct it by building walls around each of the beds but it looks even weirder now. In the future I will probably section off an area at the end of a long hallway with a bunch of either 1×1 or 2×2 rooms. I haven’t figured out what to do with the animals yet and am surprised that they are still alive. That shall be tonight’s project.


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  1. Dwarf Fortress is one of those games that’s on my “to play” list, but man oh man is it intimidating! Good to know about the noob pack, if I ever try it I’ll have to use that myself. Otherwise I shall watch your delve with interest!

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