Deus Ex: HR – Taggart’s Location in Panchaea

I’ve been obsessively playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I am kind of sad that I am almost finished with the game seeing has how there’s not much else that I want to play until November rolls around. This video/post isn’t really a spoiler, but it does take place towards the latter part of the game. I had more trouble finding this guy and for some reason, could not find much help online. From the LIMB clinic do the following:

  1. Go down the hall, up the stairs on the left and through the door on the right. You should now be located on the rightmost side of a fairly large area.
  2. The door that you want to reach is on exact the opposite side of the walkway along the same wall. You can either stealth/fight your way through (the area in the video had been pre-cleared) or hop on the scaffolding to the right and climb onto the ledge (much easier but may require the jump upgrade).
  3. Go through the door and down the stairs (the door will be partially obscured by a series of fallen black beams).
  4. The next hallway is protected by two security cameras. If you wish to disable them, there is a level 5 security hub located in the first door to the right (beware, mobs inside).
  5. Go down the hall, drop down off of the main walkway to the left. Go through the vent.

If you go straight down the vent, you will reach a ladder that will drop you straight down into Taggart’s room (easiest way). Alternatively, if you turn right you will be lead to an area with both a level 5 locked door as well as a weakened wall. Both will lead you directly into his room.  Here’s the map location if it’s easier.

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