BlizzCon Tomorrow!

BlizzCon is but less than a day away! I was going to be in OC today to pick-up my badge and meet-up with people, but I had errands to run and stuff like that, so I’m heading over tomorrow morning. So, if you see a chick wearing a black fruit fucker t-shirt with a blue and gray messenger bag, it could quite possibly be me.

I bought a new messenger bag for the convention. I’ve been kind of looking for one that I can take traveling for the past couple of months, but just never really had a reason to buy one. Perfect excuse! I really like my canvas Fossil bag, but I needed one that closes securely, is larger and made of a material that I can throw around without it getting trashed.

I ended up getting a smallTimbuk2 classic messenger from REI . It was a little over what I really wanted to spend on a bag, but it’s well constructed, organized and suits my needs perfectly. This is what I plan to stuff into it in addition to normal items (wallet, cell, cosmetic case):

  1. The email barcode printout to pickup my badge
  2. Digital camera with extra memory cards
  3. A water bottle: I get thirsty and don’t want to have to buy drinks at the convention (I’ve heard that it’s expensive).
  4. Snacks: Same as above. I have little fruit/nut packets from Trader Joe’s that are the perfect size and moderately filling.
  5. Enough cash for parking and any miscellaneous fees that might not be chargeable
  6. A light jacket: I’ve also heard that the convention center is well air conditioned.
  7. Small notebook and pen: /shrug I always carry one around in my purse. Might come in handy for writing down contact info?
  8. Earplugs for the closing ceremony.
  9. iPod Touch for waiting in lines.

I wonder when the Proudmoore realm meet-up is scheduled…sadly I don’t have any minicards or any other form of ready-made contact information available >_<. Edit: Aww, apparently I am missing some pretty epic parties/meet-ups over at the hotels and surrounding areas in OC. Next time I’m going to stay over Thursday night.

Must get sleep. Not tired. Wide awake.

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