Zul’Aman: Akil’zon Strategy

The trash: The eagles and the trolls don’t stop spawning until you kill the Amani’shi Tempest, who is located on the stairs. So just keep pulling

Akil’zon is a, “pay attention and move” fight. You have exactly 8 minutes to down him before enrage happens and people start dying (8 minutes is way more than enough time). Make sure that everyone in the raid is on the stone platform before you pull. Anyone on the stairs will get shut out of the encounter by a magically invisible door.

MOST IMPORTANT POINT: Every 45 seconds Akil’zon casts Electrical Storm: An 8 second channeled spell. Electrical Storm is cast on a random player, a cloud will appear above that player, anyone not under the cloud will take mega damage and die. So for that reason, everyone should run to and collapse onto the main tank before Electrical Storm is cast so that everyone will be under the cloud.

  • The new Deadly Boss Mods has a timer for his abilities. I usually call out and have everyone collapse onto the tank 8 to 10 seconds before Electrical storm. You can manually time it too but I loathe doing that.
  • Once Electrical Storm ends, spread out immediately. If you stand too close to someone, both of you will take mega AoE damage and get a debuff.
  • Around a minute or so into the fight Akil’zon starts summoning eagles who will swoop down and randomly hit people. They are near impossible to target and respawn when they die, so just heal through them. Have a paladin put up Concentration Aura to help the casters, make sure that everyone is topped off health wise.

…as long as everyone pays attention and MOVES when they need to this isn’t a really difficult fight. I don’t have the specific details on Akil’zon’s abilities.


  1. Be wary of being overly dependant on the DBM timers or any mod timers. I’m not convinced that they are accurate at all.

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