ZA and Beyond: 2.3 Patch Musings


So patch 2.3 came and the server didn’t crap out and die to my utter surprise (not kidding, was assuming that we would crash out of all instances). Zul’Aman is fun, it reminds me of Zul’Gurub, which is a good thing because ZG is one of if not my favorite raid instance in WoW. From what I can gather based off of the little bit that we tried last night, it definitely picks up where Karazhan leaves off, boss difficulty wise. Since there’s not a whole lot of literature online yet regarding strategies, bosses are taking a bit of trial and error. It’s a refreshing change; learning is fun!

Most of my mods work except for Deadly Boss Mods which continuously throws out errors every couple of minutes. I think there is a patch update out, but I didn’t get a chance to check or download it yesterday since the site was under heavy load. I can officially ditch the CT Mail Mod (I hate CT) because there is a mass mailer built into the UI. Also, pressing ALT + Z to remove the UI for screenshotting now automatically removes name tags. Nice!

I respec’d my paladin into 5/5 Combat Expertise for the stamina buff. It’s an overall 1.2k ish increase to my unbuffed health. Nice! WTB 10 more badges 🙁

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