WoW Update 6/14/07

I need to edit the site CSS whenever I have time because the links in my entries are too hard to differentiate from normal text. I also need to re-categorize most, if not all of the WoW entries since they are sort of tagged randomly. Netherspite, Curator, and Shade of Aran strategies were added to the Karazhan guide…keep forgetting to take screenshots so that I can edit in positioning diagrams for certain encounters.

This is a hodge podge entry, I figure that it doesn’t hurt to make a post tracking my in-game goals, progress, whatever every once in a while, even if they are devoid of any useful content.

Caved in and spent my 41 heroic badges on the Gnomeregan Auto-Blocker 600, even though it is situationally useful. It’s great in heroics and when I am tanking against multiple mobs, but not really that useful against bosses that deal slow hard hits. With the trinket activated, my block is at around 710 (2 minute cooldown, not bad).

I have been at 265 rep off of exalted with the Keepers of Time for around a month or two. One evening I need to complete it, even though there really isn’t much of anything that I want. I can technically use the Bindings of the Timewalker for my healing set, until the Bracers of Justice drop of of Maiden in Karazhan. I can also craft the Blessed Bracers. Spell crit though, isn’t as valuable anymore since the 2.1 nerf, in addition to the fact that I have zero points in holy.

Speaking of reputation, finally dished out the gold and bought out the rest of my Scryer rep (cost me around 450g). Mostly wanted the shoulder enchants: Greater Inscription of the Knight & Greater Inscription of the Oracle.

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