Tradeskills and WotLK

Back to WoW blogging! The trickle of Wrath of the Lich King news is exciting. Besides, game wise, there really isn’t a whole lot else worth playing or writing about until some of the AAA titles come out in Fall. I think I’ll hang onto some of my legacy gear a bit longer. It looks like, according to an interview with Jeff Kaplan, some of the achievements are going to retroactively activate through related quests that have been completed (ie Onyxia’s Head) and boss drops in your inventory/bank.

My paladin is an armorsmith and enchanter, that’s not going to change anytime soon if ever (I’m the guild armorsmith and one of the main enchanters). I have a large stash of enchanting materials stock up but, if I recall correctly, the low level Brning Crusade enchants starting using the new materials early on. The thought of having to level blacksmithing makes me retch a bit; that was so expensive…

My hunter is an alchemist and minter. His alchemy is stuck at 300 and his mining is below 100. I, as mentioned previously, will most likely drop mining to pick up inscribing. I’m tempted though, to level mining and drop alchemy for the sake of feeding Keiya ore. Mining was a pain in the ass to level though, I don’t imagine myself doing it again.

Apparently the new tradeskill uses raw materials extracted from herbs via milling. Milling is to inscribing as prospecting is to jewelcutting. My lowbie mage is an herbalist and a tailor. Since they upped the old world experience gain x number of months ago, and since as of the last patch she has her mount, I’ve had interest in leveling her once again. She also has an Staff of Jordan chanted with +40 spell power waiting for her (I was going to do Soulfrost, but that was way too expensive. Even for a twink lol).

I wonder if they will roll out the new talent trees and UI/mechanics changes before the expansion pack is released. I would love to start recollecting non-combat pets without negatively impacting my bag space.

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