Spring Anime: Afterthoughts

My anime binge petered out around two months ago, but I’ve kept up with a few series (and more or less dropped or put a hold on the rest). I haven’t yet checked to see if there is anything interesting and new coming out this summer. Hashihime though, has a good preview list that I will finish reading later.

Eden of the East was one of my favorites this season; a very good though not great series. It’s quirky, thought provoking and consistently animated well throughout the entire series. I don’t really like cliffhanger endings, but this one was decent I suppose, if not incomplete. It’s hard to review the story as a while since it isn’t technically over until the two announced movies are released.

What I didn’t love about Eden: The mystery that had originally pulled me into Eden in the first episode or two leveled off, dulled and flew out into numerous directions by the time the series hit mid season. I also thought that the characters though decent, felt pretty average; No one was particularly memorable. Being a big Honey and Clover fan, I did though like the art style a lot.

Fullmetal Alchemist hit the point in which the manga and the first anime series diverge last week. Until that point, the series was more or less a recap of what I have already seen already. The tone, pacing and some plot differences than began to surface and the series progressed were different, but overall it seemed…rather familiar. I am really looking forward to seeing how the plot unfolds in comparison to the first series. I have read the manga a bit past where it majorly splits off from the anime, but not really any further.

Oh, I also finished K-On recently. That show just drips with moe, but I enjoyed watching it, even though I don’t usually like anime series of that nature. I guess there isn’t a whole lot else to be said about it. It’s cute and had a fun premise. I still need to finish up the last few episodes of Ristorante Paradiso. I don’t think I typed up a blurb on it in the other Spring anime post, but it’s a pretty good slice-of-life show. Also behind on Cross Game,Hajime no Ippo, Bleach, and Naruto.

I think Bleach is heading off into filler. Slow pacing is slooooow. Ummm, isn’t the anime sort of catching up to the manga, being roughly in the same arc and all? Word is that Naruto is back on track with the manga plot, I might start watching it again. I am a pretty big Narutard, owning a domain with a name that is based off of the series and all (bah, it wasn’t that popular of a series yet and seemed like a good idea at the time), but not even I can stomach the filler. Why is it so bad….

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