Site Stuff & More Tanking Observations

There are several article updates that I will make whenever I have time and interest to write stuff.

  • I forgot to link and give credit to Thoughtlover when I mentioned the Itemstats Drupal module in the previous posts. If anyone is running Drupal, they can find it here:
  • If you are interested in linking to my WoW postings, I have all of the WoW related articles filtered to this address: …not that I post anything non-WoW related, but I don’t think that too many people are interested in my personal drivel 😛
  • Whenever I have the chance this week, I have several updates that I need to make to The Attack Outcome Table & Damage Mitigation article, mostly continuing the discussion on Crushing Blows as well as several minor changes.
  • Use the Paladin Threat Table information as approximate values not as precise numbers. I am almost 100% sure that some of the calculations are wrong because I left off a few things (SoR mostly). The point though is that, our threat scales incredibly well with spell damage.

On a similar note, I worry about how effective my current spell damage will be in regards to threat generation as the DPS in the raid gears more. I say 200 to 250ish as a general guideline for Kharazan tanks, but I am wondering if I will need to up that number to around 300 in the future? (Either that or everyone else can not be aggro whores, but me generating more threat means everyone else being able to DPS more without pulling).

Also just as a general observation, it is much harder as a paladin to off-tank than it is to main tank because of the way Spiritual Attunement works. I suspect that warriors have a similar problem with rage (except for the fact my problem is with losing mana and theirs with gaining rage).

For example, I was the third Gruul tank on Saturday. Gruul uses an attack called Hurtful Strike on the next person on the threat list within melee range. The second tank is in charge of soaking those up, the third tank needs to build aggro along side just in case either tank dies. In order to stay above the rogues on threatmeter, I had to throw everything I had at Gruul…but since I wasn’t receiving a signficant amount of healing, I had to pot to keep my mana pool up. It wasn’t really that big of a deal I guess, but something to keep in mind?

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