Paladin Macros

There are many macros similar to these that do much much more, but these cater to my individual tastes and needs. If you want additional information, the macro section on WoWWiki has a huge honking list. Also, the World of Warcraft UI/macro forums is a decent resouce. There should be a long ass sticky detailing basic macro creation, It’s a good read.

Raid Shouting

Works in parties and raids; Only promoted/party leaders are able to use the raid warnings. %n will be replaced with whatever or whoever you have targetted
/rw Attack my target: %n!

Inspects people 😛

Weapon Swap
I’ve had this one since the beginning of time, it’s one of the only complicated macros in my list that didn’t break with 2.0. An bag spot specific weapon swap macro. Weapons to swap must be kept in upper-left corner of your leftmost bag. It will swap 2h <-> 1h + offhand as well.
/script PickupInventoryItem(17);if(CursorHasItem()) then PickupContainerItem(4,2);PickupContainerItem(4,1); PickupInventoryItem(16);else PickupContainerItem(4,1);PickupInventoryItem(16); PickupContainerItem(4,2);PickupInventoryItem(17);end

Toggle Mount
Press once to mount, press again to unmount (the warlock and the paladin specific mounts are considered spells). If I can’t use my flying mount, my Charger will be summoned. If I am on my huntard, his battle charger will be summoned.
/use [nomounted, nocombat] Swift Blue Gryphon
/use [nomounted, nocombat] Stormpike Battle Charger
/cast Summon Charger

Random Mount
Similar to the macro above, but will randomly select a mount.
/userandom [nomounted,nocombat] MountName1, MountName2

Cast BoS on a specific player
If for some reason you want to cast a specific spell on a specific player. Example use: I have a guild member who needs BoS during boss fights. I can’t give him a greater blessing because it will overrride GBoK on other people of that class, so I made a macro for my convenience.
/cast [target=PlayerName] Blessing of Salvation

Righteous Defense Target’s Target
Essential macro! Allows Righteous Defense to function like a normal taunt. If an ally is targetted, RD will be cast on them. If a hostile is targetted, it casts RD on the mob’s target.
/cast [target=target,help] Righteous Defense; [target=targettarget,help] Righteous Defense

SoR Spam
Allows you to keyspam SoR/JoR without repeatedly recasting SoR. If you have a seal active, it will judge it and will only allow you to recast SoR after 30 seconds.
/castsequence reset=30/combat Seal of Righteousness, Judgement

SoV Spam
Same as above, buy for SoV
/castsequence reset=30/combat Seal of Vengeance, Judgement

BoP Target’s Target
BoP’s yourself or your target’s target if a hostile is focused.
/cast [target=target,help] Blessing of Protection; [target=targettarget,help] Blessing of Protection

Divine Favor/Holy Light
Divine Favor isn’t affected by the global cooldown. Casts DF then HL for a (use to be free) crit heal.
/cast Divine Favor
/script SpellStopCasting();
/cast Holy Light(Rank 8)
/script SpellTargetUnit(“Player”);

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