Paladin Approximate Threat Generation

Even more WoW math, though I didn’t have time to check it over. I should just move all of of these posts into one large tanking guide, but that’s for another day when I’m bored. I don’t know the threat generation for warriors, but they have plenty of threat guides that list approximated values (I am pretty sure that Wowwiki had one). Our threat values are harder to calculate since they aren’t fixed values. This is pretty much just theorycraft by the way, take it as you wish.

I’ll run up a chart comparing warrior threat generation and paladin threat generation as well as one comparing various weapon speeds/spell damage values…one day in theory :P. This page assumes a 1:1 ratio between each point of holy damage and each point of threat without Righteous Defense. Also assume the following:

  • Weapon speed: 1.8 (…because that is the speed of my weapon)
  • 3/3 Improved Righteous Defense (1.9x threat vs 1.6x)
  • 200 spell damage
  • Average Unmodified Damage: (Base Max Damage + Base Min Damage)/2
  • Recall that all threat modifiers are now multiplicatives as of patch whatever

Judgement of the Crusader at the maximum rank will add up to 190 spell damage. So, just use 190+200 spell damage for the calculations instead of 200 (note to self: make another chart for the JotC modifier). I didn’t list Seal of Vengeance because I don’t really use it often. I find it hard to keep up on most mobs…that or the mobs just DIE before SoV stacks high enough to generate meaningful damage or threat. SoR is much more reliable. That’s just based on my findings/gear/guide though (it’s not like it’s hard for paladins to aggro anymore, power to us!).

As a comparison, an average rank 14 Frostbolt does 655 damage. That’s 655 threat, without talents or aggro-reducing buffs, assuming a 1:1 ratio.

Spell Damage Coefficient Average Unmodified Damage Damage after modifier Threat
Seal of Righteousness 9.2% per 1.0 weapon speed (1-hander) = 9.2*1.8 = 16.56% 78 16.56%*200 + 78 = 111.12 1.9 * 111.12 = 211.128
Judgement of Righteousness 73% 218 73%*200 + 218 = 364 1.9 * 364 = 691.6
Holy Shield (35% additional threat per block) 20% (5% per block) 155 per block 5%*200 + 155 = 165 per block 1.9 * 1.35 * 165 = 423.225 per block
Consecration 95% 598 95%*200 + 598 = 788 total (98.5 per tick) 788 * 1.9 = 1497.2 (187.15 per tick)
Avenger’s Shield 10% 548 10%*200 + 548 = 568 (per target) 1.9 * 568 = 1079.2 (per target)

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