On Becoming a Casual/Console Gamer

Let us reflect upon my lack of posts on this site. In addition to well, losing interest in MMOs and blogging in general in favor of other activities, I have realized that I have become mostly a console and casual gamer? The majority of all games that I have played have either been on a console (PS4 and Switch) or on iOS (roguelikes + board games. The iPad is great for board games and stuff like that).

I never would have thought that it would come to this, but I now see the appeal of sitting back in one’s easy chair, in front of a large TV + sound system, with a cat on your lap and controller in hand instead of in my computer chair in front of my desk. I spend so much time in front of the computer at work nowadays, it’s nice gaming in a different type of environment, if that makes any sense.

Also if we are being honest, my computer is getting a little old at this point and because we kind of like going outside instead of living in front of the computer, we would rather allocate entertainment funds into travel and other hobbies rather than dropping a grand or two on new gaming machines. So, kind of in the awkward situation now where if a new game comes out, might as well just get it on console because, reasons.

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