Odds and Ends: I Still Exist

Hah, long time no post. In short, I started using the other domain as a personal blog and then more-or-less fell out of interest with blogging in general. Kind of want to write on the other blog, but kind of don’t know what to do with this one. I mean, I’ve had this domain for over a decade and a half… I think it’s more of a, we don’t play nearly as many computer games anymore thing.

That said, we are currently continuing the cycle of: Resubscribing to WoW for the current expansion, playing for a few months, and then probably quitting for another two years when the content gets overly grindy. No BlizzCon this year because November is going to already be a pretty packed month, but maybe next year.

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  1. Dylan L Shimmin

    BfA is almost at its end, not the expansion I was hoping for. A lot of flaws in the overall game play and execution.
    Here’s hoping that Shadowlands is different, the level squish should help a few older players come back – maybe.

    • It also felt really awkward not getting any new spells in an expansion. Yeah, hopefully Shadowlands is better. It’s really tempting to get into WoW Classic, but I think I have enough games to play between my backlog, FF7R and Animal Crossing >_<

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