Loremaster: OMFG Finally


Finally. I am officially done with questing until the expansion hits. I had a couple of other things that I wanted to do in the old world before Cataclysm, but this was the only one that I was intent on actually completing. There’s such a stark contrast between the old style quests from Vanilla WoW and the new ones in Northrend at this point. I would really love to level more alts but it’s hard going back to the old content. They’ve had their use and have served us well for over 5 years but it’s time to retire the old and welcome the new, come December or whenever Cataclysm is being released.

Finishing the Outlands wasn’t too bad, I polished off the remaining handful of quests fairly quickly while half watching Lord of the Rings. Kalimdor on the other hand was just a giant pain in the ass that took absolutely forever. The last handful of quests were spread all around that godforsaken continent. I had to look up missing quest chains; Apparently there were a couple that started in the Eastern Kingdoms, were mostly completed in the Eastern Kingdoms yet counted for Kalimdor. WTF. And, why is every zone on that side of the world soooo damned long.

Loremaster is a fitting farewell to old Azeroth, if not a serving reminder that I will not miss stepping foot in old school Kalimdor. Ever. Oh, the tabard pushed me over to 25, granting me the tabard achievement. Yay!

…PTRs are up. Time for Keiya’s UI version 4.0.

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