Level 70 Tanking Stats

Unless I made (another) error or typo, these calculations should be correct for patch 2.1. If you don’t know what a Crushing Blow or the Attack Table is, you might want to read this guide. Recall that Dodge and Parry are avoidance stats, meaning that they allow you to avoid an attack completely. Block is a mitigation stat (you still recieve damage).

Cheat Sheet
The amount of defense, block, dodge, parry and agility needed to push Crushing Blows off by 1%.
Defense: 14.81
Block Rating: 7.88
Dodge Rating: 18.9
Parry Rating: 22.4
Agility: 25 for Paladins, 33 for Warriors


Defense does two things: Each point in Defense Skill adds 0.04% to Miss, Parry, Dodge and Block. Each point in Defense Skill over a mob’s Weapon Skill reduces the chance that you will recieve a Critical Strike by 0.04%.

  • 2.37 Defense Rating = 1 Defense Skill
  • 490 Defense Skill to be uncrittable
  • 6.25 Defense Skill to decrease your Crushing Blow chance by 1%
  • 14.81 Defense Rating to decrease Crushing Blows by 1%

According to a post made by Tseric, in regards to Critical Strike mitigation: “At 490 defense, the math caps out. Defense won’t mitigate beyond that.” Your Miss, Parry, Dodge, and Block will still increase past 490, but your Critical Strike mitigation will not, so collecting Defense past the “cap” is still worthwhile in that sense.

Remember that Block Value refers to the amount of damage mitigated with each block. Block rating refers to the percent of incoming attacks blocked. Block percentage can be raised by Block Rating and Defense.

  • Block % = 5% Base Chance + % from Block Rating + Talents + ((Defense skill – Mob’s Weapon Skill) * 0.04)
  • 1 Point in Defense Skill will increase your chance to block by 0.04%
  • 1% Block Chance per 7.88 Block Rating
  • Damage mitigation: (Block Value) + ((Strength / 20) – 1)
  • Damage mitigation with Imp Block talents: (Block Value * 1.3) + ((Strength / 20) – 1)

Dodge percentage can be raised by Dodge Rating, Agility, and Defense. The agility ratio varies per class, I’ve listed the level 70 conversions for warriors and paladins below. It’s also worth noting that Agility scales with buffs like Blessing of Kings.

  • 18.9 Dodge Rating will increase your chance to dodge by 1%
  • Defense: Each point that you have over a mob’s Attack skill adds a 0.04% chance to dodge.
  • Paladins: 25 agi to increase your chance to dodge by 1%
  • Warriors: 33 agi to increase your chance to dodge by 1%

Parry percentage can be raised by both Parry Rating and Defense. (According to WoWWiki) Parry decreases the swing timer for your next attack by 40%, but no less than 20% of your weapon’s base swing delay.

  • 22.4 Parry Rating will increase your chance to parry by 1% (cost reduced by around 25% with patch 2.1!)

Increased by Defense.

  • Base 5% + 0.04% * (Your Defense – Mob’s Attack Rating)
  • 0.04% Miss for each point in Defense Skill.

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