I Think This is Version 7?

It’s been several months to a year since I’ve last posted. I’m actually posting this entry as a test on a Drupal test account to make sure that nothing screws up when this site goes live. Changes made: Updated to Drupal 5, dumped the old Drupal database, separated the guild site onto new domain, didn’t bother reskinning a new theme (the default theme looks nice and is sufficient).

The old database had 7 years of blog entries, ported from 3 or 4 different blog/content management systems, from around 3 different hosting sites. I was somewhat reluctant to dump it but honestly, most of it consisted of MySpace quality blog entries. Though, I do however plan on porting over any articles on the old site, any images, and any content that I deem useful or interesting in some way.

Actually, when I have the site configuration and all the modules set up to my taste, I might just swap this installation with the current one that is up on the main page, and delete it whenever I am finished porting junk over.

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