Huntardation and Protection Suggestions

The in game voice chat is decent despite the fact that it is borking servers around the nation (getting kicked off repeatedly sucks). The quality isn’t nearly as good as Ventrilo, but the in game integration is nice. I don’t really see this as a Vent server replacement, but it’s a good option for those who do not have one and for PuGs (don’t like giving vent info out to random ass people).

I respec’d my hunter Beast Mastery and started leveling my him again this weekend. What an awesome tree, I can’t tell you how much fun it is leveling as BM. Pet doesn’t lose aggro, less downtime, etc. Not going back to MM any time soon (though I might respec at 70 into a PvP build).

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a huntard noob, but I swear that it’s much harder to pull aggro as BM, since my damage is split more between my ranged weapon and my pet. I tried my best to be an ass and repeatedly pull threat off of the tank this weekend in Coilfang, but no dice (it was a guild twink run I have permission >:D).

A few changes that I would like to see for tankadins (I realize that a few points here are borderline whines :P).

  • It would be nice for our survivability issue to be addressed in some manner. Warriors have 1,200 more base health than paladins do, they also have a ranged slot. That is a pretty large gap. Suggested solutions: Equalizing our base HP, adding a stamina libram, or adding a talent that scales block value/raw mitigation higher.
  • An ability deep into protection that increases our mana return. Thinking either by increasing our passive heal gain or doing something like returning mana on block. SA alone as it is, isn’t enough.
  • Better itemization for paladin specific tanking gear. Specifically: Better paladin tanking weapons on par with what is available via progression for the other tanking classes. That is: At least 200 spell damage, at least 30 stamina and some def/avoidance.
  • Some way of dealing with mob spell immunity.

Oh: I bought a new mouspad yesterday. I have been using the one that came in the WoW: BC Collector’s Edition box, but it is too small. My hand scoots off towards the edge frequently. Consequently, I’ve had to up the sensitivity on my mouse to ungodly levels which has lowered my accuracy quite a bit in other games. It’s cloth, it’s huge and it’s niiiice! Kind of ugly though, wish it was all black.

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