[FFRK] Omega

I ended up putting Omega off and to be honest, had almost forgotten that he was there. But at last, on the final day, he has been mastered. Go me I guess. Omega is weak to both lightning spells and stop so the strategy obviously is to keep him stopped as much as possible while nuking him down. In addition to having a SUPER high resistance and an array of AoE attacks/counters, Omega does two annoying things of note: Blind all and reflect-self.

I had originally tried having two white mages spamming stop in an attempt to keep him from casting anything at all for the duration of the fight. Unfortunately, because stop has a short duration (6 seconds) and a 30% miss rate, that was difficult to manage. It was much easier to just deal with blind than to avoid it altogether. Also, dedicating two characters instead of only one to casting stop is a significant DPS loss. Since Omega has a 1 stamina cost (versus Exdeath’s 60 stamina cost lol), it was kind of fun experimenting with odd party configurations. Ultimately, this is what worked for me:

Character Ability 1 Ability 2 Record Materia
 Cloud  Thundara Strike  Thundaga Strike  Dragoon’s Determination
 Tyro  Swift Bolt  Swift Bolt  Vow of Vengeance
 Rinoa  Thundaga  Thundaja  Attunement II
 Sazh  Esuna  Mental Breakdown  Self-Sacrifice
 Aerith  Stop  Stop  Planet Guardian

RW: Boon for Hastega. Boon was cast at the beginning of the fight then again at the half-way point. Stop did drop off several times, but hastega helped significantly. If blind was cast, Sazh would Esuna Cloud and then himself; Everything else was offensive Black Magic and bypassed blind. Sazh would otherwise spam Mental Breakdown to allow the casters to do as much damage as possible.

Cloud attacked with Thundara/aga Strike and with his SSB when the bar was filled. Rinoa Reflected Thundaga/ja spells off of Aerith’s auto-reflect just in case stop dropped off and reflect was cast upon Omega. It is worth noting that the auto-reflect RM did last the entire fight. So with both Omega’s blind and reflect dealt with, the only major RNG factor was whether or not stop landed or not. Other than that, Shellga (from Boon) allowed my party to eat an AoE or two of any landed.

I found Swift Bolt to be an excellent alternative to Thundaga/ja if you do not have enough orbs to create a duplicate spell for a second black mage. In addition to being easy to create/hone, it has about half the cast time, ignores resistance, and bypasses reflect. Since I did not know how long auto-reflect would last and did not have enough ability space to include Reflect, the idea was that only one character would be rendered useless if it dropped off of Aerith.

Since I don’t have Shadow or Thancred’s relic, I felt that Tyro was the strongest ninja choice. He has a fairly high baseline magic stat and is beefier in general than the other ninjas, on top of being able to use literally any item.

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