Epic Gloves


I was going to compose another entry about the Read ID debacle and Blizzard’s redaction, but that topic has been beaten into the ground. I mean, it’s dominating my entire WoW feed. But whatever, there are more important items to post about! So fat loot arrived in the mail earlier this week from thinkgeek.com (pictured above). Now, it has been years since I have purchased a frivolous, no, awesome ornament for my desk. $60 would have purchased a new game or steel gauntlets; Easy choice!

The gauntlets themselves aren’t too heavy but they do have a fair amount of weight to them being well, steel plate and all. The site says that the gauntlets are one size fit all, which I assume are man sizes. They will fit better (and won’t chafe as much) after I pick up a pair of heavy leather gloves from Home Depot this weekend. Unfortunately, the only pair of gloves that I was able to dig up were an ultra small pair of chick sizes leather gloves. Well, not that I really plan on wearing them all that much. For the moment, they proudly sit on my desk at work.

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