Cheap Raid Consumables

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Cheap Raiding Consumables
I’m a cheapskate. These are all of (or most) the instance specific consumables, which are usually pretty easy to obtain. Also, though not listed below, the unstable mana/healing potions are available via the repeatable Skettis daily quest if you can catch the NPC. My bank is perpetually full because it is half filled with odd BoP items :/

Unstable Flask of the Sorcerer: Only usable in the Blade’s Edge Mountains Plateaus and in Gruul’s Lair. If you are too lazy to actually kill the mobs and manually buy the potions from the BEM NPC, like me, the flasks are usually available on the Auction House for really cheap (50s to 3g on my server, depending on the flask). There’s no excuse NOT to be flasked it Gruul, these are seriously easy as hell to get.

Shattrath Flask of Fortification: Same as the normal Flask of Fort. You can purchase these with one Mark of the Illidari, a BoE token that drops randomly off of trash in the higher end 25-man raids (depends on how your guild distributes these). Only usable in said instances.

Red Ogre Brew & Blue Ogre Brew: 3 Apexis Shards each. Only usable in BEM and Gruul’s

Crystal Healing Potion & Crystal Mana Potion: 50 Apexis Shards and 40s each. Kind of expensive but equal to a super mana/healing potion and usable anywhere.

Bottled Nethergone Vapor & Bottled Nethergon Energy. Only usable in TK; They drop off of any mob in any TK instance.

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