Ring Bonus 3: Streaming Services and Stuff

ringbonusalbum_0We recorded this last week but just got around to editing and posting the new episode because Keiya felt that it was more pertinent to watch anime all week after work instead of poking at audition for 15 minutes. In this episode we briefly discuss Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch TV, streaming services, and general musings related to being cordcutters. I am pretty sure that we go off-topic at some point, but that’s half the fun, isn’t it?

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New Video Card: Radeon R9 280


I had originally intended to replace my aging video card (HD 6870) shortly after building my current machine about 2 or so years ago but instead, ended up holding off on that for quite some time. I guess I just never felt like it was necessary to upgrade my card, given that I have been able to run most settings for most games at high until fairly recently.

It’s not like my old card was going bad per se, but it idled at about 55 celcius, was fairly loud, and was performing below the curve; I mean, having to drop any graphical setting down to medium in order to achieve minimally acceptable framerates just isn’t right. So after a short excursion to Fry’s, I picked up an Asus Radeon R9 280 for $189. Anyway, the new card runs notably quieter, cooler, and faster than my previous card. I loaded a few games and instead of barely pushing 30 to 45 FPS on a mix of medium to high settings, I can pretty much just max everything out without worrying about dropping below 60 FPS.

As a side note, the fan intake filters on my machine apparently work pretty well. There was a surprisingly low amount of dust for a machine that sits within 3 feet of a screen door and hasn’t been opened since it was built.

Ring Bonus 2: Keiya Needs a Beer

ringbonusalbum_0Today we discuss media (mostly anime) that we have enjoyed watching lately and lament the summer lull in everything that we normally enjoy watching. The idea for this show was to do: General gaming and geek culture news, things that we found interesting on the internet this week, airsoft news/after action report for games that we attended if any, then the main show topic for the rest of the episode. I am pretty sure that we almost stuck to the show schedule, yay! Other topics discussed are:

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Ring Bonus 1: About Us

ringbonusalbum_0My husband and I have been casually flirting with the idea of starting a couples podcast about things that we like to do (mainly, gaming and airsoft) for quite some time. Recently, we finally decided to go through with it and make it happen. A microphone was purchased this weekend and we recorded our first somewhat awkward pilot episode. Topics discussed are:

This episode is more of a proof of concept and technical test than anything else I suppose. We are still working on the actual show structure and schedule; We would very much like to have some consistent format to follow. In future episode, you can look forward to less disorganization and us not sitting ass far away from the microphone by leaning back on the couch.

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Updated Sims 4 Wishlist


In lieu of the post embargo Sims 4 news influx, here’s a an updated list/commentary on things that I would like to see in The Sims 4. First and foremost, despite the lack of swimming pools, toddlers, and the other numerous features that were cut, what I really really want from The Sims 4 above all else is a more stable base engine. By stable I mean, a game engine that doesn’t corrupt saves or critically glitch out regularly and with every expansion pack.

If EA/Maxis can release a game that isn’t plagued by constant technical and memory issues (like The Sims 3 and predecessors), that’s a major kudos in my book even if it comes at the expense of other features. Along the lines of performance and more intelligent sims, I would love it if The Sims 4 had better pathing so that half of the day isn’t spent resolving a conflict between two sims attempting to pass through the same door or stuck elsewhere in the neighborhood.


I would love to see genetics return to The Sims 4 (to my understanding, it has). The Sims 2 had an actual simulated genetics system in which dominant and recessive phenotypes were passed down from parents to children for hair, eyes, and skin tones. If I recall correctly, personality traits could also be inherited as well. Genetics in the Sims 3 were grossly simplified. Instead of using a genetics system, randomly chosen characteristics were chosen from the parents as well as previous generations. There is unfortunately, a fairly high chance of mutation, 10% if I recall correctly. I would for example, receiving blond haired children from a family of brunettes. That’s not to mention odd problems such as dyed hair being passed down to children.

Unique/distinct personalities

Looking forward to playing with the emotions system. I did see one gameplay video however (forgot which one, my bad) stating that Maxis had put a lot of time and effort into the new emotion facial expressions and animations that were unfortunately, often missed given that many simmers tend to toggle between pause and max speed.

Better town customization tools

It does not appear that we are going to get any sort of official world building tool any time soon but from the previews that were just released, it appears that you will be able to edit public lots on the fly without having to exit out into town edit mode, select a lot, etc. Kind of similar to how you would enter build mode on your own lot.

The return of in-game storytelling tools

If I recall correctly, one of the previous sims games (it was either the first or second) had an in-game photo album that would allow you to select screenshots, annotate them, and even export/upload the album to the sims exchange. I would love to see a feature like that return in The Sims 4.