On The Raid Finder

image_34Two weeks of Dragon Soul runs since returning to WoW after a two month Skyrim/whatever break and I manage to snag 5/5 pieces of Tier 13. Nice. This almost makes up for 6 years of bad rolls. Also, if you were in that one run with me where I broke the one item per run rule and won two of the armor tokens, I’m sorry :(, trigger happy.

I like the raid finder; It’s simple to use and gets people who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to raid (or like myself, don’t have the time to participate in a regular schedule and don’t want to sit in LFG all night), into the new content with minimal hassle and server drama.

Skyrim: Dragon vs Draugr

Just clearing out, encoding, and uploading some of the videos that I have laying around in my FRAPS folder. If I recall correctly, this video was recorded at some point during Skyrim’s launch day. I don’t remember exactly what level I was at, but that draugr was way way hard. Conveniently, a dragon happened to spawn nearby. Ignore the inane running around and faffing about; This video is the clipped version. It took absolutely forever to bait the dragon over.