Healadin/Raiding 101

I’ve been occupied lately poking around with the guild forums/vBulletin, apparently I alternate between what I "feel like" working on lol. This is actually just something that I posted in my internal guild boards for a fairly recent 70. I figure that this might be useful to at least one person who still peruses my site. Well that and I can’t think of anything else to post.

Basic Raid Etiquette

Pay attention and work as a team. Raiding is a team effort, adjust your thinking accordingly.

  • Don’t come to the raid flagged for PvP.
  • Don’t inch ahead of the raid: In general, stay behind the Main Tank.
  • Watch range and LoS. I can’t heal what I can’t see.
  • Mind your surroundings: It is very easy to become so focused on healing/DPSing that you neglect what is happening around you. Example: If black circle of unholy death forms at your feet, MOVE!
  • Come prepared: Repair, buy reagents and potions to last you for the entire raid, read strategies.
  • Be Keen: Keep an eye out for special attacks and special situations.
  • Let people know when you have to AFK.
  • Watch your aggro: What should you do when the Main Tank first pulls a mob? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
  • When fight strategies are given out, pay close attention. If you aren’t sure about something, by all means ask a question!


Though we don’t have a whole lot of healing spells, paladins are one of if not THE BEST single target healers in the game.

  • Flash of Light is your primary healing spell. It is the most efficient heal in the game (efficiency = highest HP healed/mana ratio).
  • Topping off: Spam Flash of Light on people to top health off. Time it so that you aren’t overhealing.
  • Heal aggressively: Base your heals off of what you think your target’s health will be AFTER you finish casting. Basically: Preemptively heal and ANTICIPATE DAMAGE. If you know that the MT will be taking a huge chunk of damage, cast an early Holy Light…you can always cancel it right before the spell lands.
  • It’s okay to overheal during certain situations, knowing when to do this is part of being a good healer. Wasting a little mana is better than a dead tank.
  • Some bosses use special abilities on regular intervals. DeadlyBossMods will show a timer for these…watch it and time your heals around it!
  • Learn to budget mana around fight length and potion use (you can use a potion every 2 minutes). Example: If a fight lasts 10 minutes, you might not want to burn through all of your mana within the first minute.
  • Coordinate heals with other classes.
  • While you are casting: Use this time to select your next healing target, it will save a lot of time in the long run.
  • Begin the fight by using any trinkets and spells on short cooldowns (Divine Favor, Divine Illumination, almost all trinkets). Most fights last around 3 to 5 minutes; If you time your cooldowns like this you can use them twice.
  • Remember that bandages, potions, and even buffs generate a small amount threat (using a 5g potion and then getting 1-shotted and wiping the raid shortly after sucks hard).


Whether you like it or not, it is your duty to cleanse! No one else can do it nearly as effectively as a paladin. Most importantly: Cleanse or you will get bitched at repeatedly lol.

  • You must always keep an eye out for debuffs at all times. Cleanse FAST and cleanse OFTEN.
  • Keep in mind that cleanse has a 30 yard range, that’s shorter than max healing range.
  • SmartDebuff is a very good cleansing mod that is easy to setup. It’s a grid of names, when someone is afflicted with a cleansable debuff it will highlight in red. To cleanse you just click the name, very easy.
  • Otherwise, use Clique + Raid bars (harder to setup).

Other spells

Exceptional paladins not only know how to heal and cleanse effectively, but also know how to utilize all of their spells during appropriate moments.

  • Blessing of Protection: Protects the target for 10 seconds against all MELEE attacks, also prevents them from using melee attacks. This is PERFECT for casters who have aggro’d a trash mob or something. Don’t be afraid to use BoP liberally. If you BoP a rogue or a warrior they will probably hate you for life.
  • Auras: Know what aura to use and when to switch, mid fight if necessary. Remember that resist auras do not stack with class resist buffs.
  • Most trash mobs are stunnable. If one strays, try to stun it.

How To: AoE Prot Farming

One of the big downsides to the protection tree is that it offers pretty much zero single target damage. I think it’s one of the issues that turns people off (well okay, in addition to raid needs and recruitment issues, but that’s a different post). If you know how and where to do it, Protection offers by far the most efficient method of grinding. How? AoE farming.

Keep in mind that I spec’d protection after I had leveled to 70. So if you are a leveling paladin, this post might be somewhat skewed. You can technically spec into AoE farming at level 35 (Reckoning), but it’s a much more feasible at level 40 when Holy Shield becomes Available.

You want to find a good patch of melee only mobs that don’t run (having 20 mobs running to the 4 corners of the earth simultaneously is not real fun lol). NOT CASTERS, CASTERS WILL RAPE YOU. If you are sub-70 and are leveling, I would suggest starting with 4 to 5, move up to 6 to 8 etc if that’s too easy. For moderate to well geared 70, go wild. Entire villages will fall.

Gearing Up

Protection farming isn’t all that super duper gear heavy. The better your gear, the more mobs that you can fight simultaneously. I would at the very least though, invest in a decent 1-hander (2.0 or faster) and a good shield. Your shield is probably the most important piece of your AoE grinding equipment; Find one with a high block Value and some block rating and put a spike on it. Shields with a proc on block ability are absolutely golden (recall that Block Value affects how much you block where as Block Rating affects how often you block).

I prefer to wear a good balance between defensive stats (def, block rating, block value, etc) and spell damage. You probably want to balance your stamina/int in such a way where you have a decent health pool, but aren’t going out of mana after 2 seconds. How you balance your gear is up to you and your grinding style (I tend to favor spell damage). In general, it’s a trade-off: In my tanking gear I take close to zero damage against non-elite mobs, but my mana pool is severely limited. I don’t take damage, but it takes longer to farm. In my full spell gear, I can take things down pretty fast, but I am slightly squishier.

  • Shield Spikes: Get one crafted and use this over the other shield enchants.
  • There’s a shield that you can get with Sporeggar rep (can’t think of the name/don’t feel like looking it up) that does a 12 damage DoT on block. That is one of if not the best farming shields.
  • [item]Figurine of the Colossus[/item]: Heals for 120 on block. This allows you to pretty much chain pull MASSIVE amounts of mobs. When you start getting low on HP, pop it, and watch it heal you to full.


Any buff that reflects damage is nice. Though Ret Aura and BoSanc damage may seem piddly it adds up, especially against craploads of mobs.
Retribution Aura: Returns damage when you are hit
Blessing of Sanctuary
: Reduces damage taken by a small amount and deals damage on block.
Righteous Fury: Imp RF reduces ALL damage by 6%

Seals and Judgements

Since Reckoning will proc frequently with the amount of hits that you will be taking, your seals have a chance at procing a lot. If your damage mitigation or mana isn’t quite up to par, you might want to go for Seal of Light or Seal of Wisdom respectively. Personally, I like Seal of Righteousness because I am impatient and it speeds the fight up a little it. Same logic with your judgements: Wisdom for mana, Light for Health, Righteousness for DPS. If my targeted mob is dying fast, I don’t bother judging usually.


Throw on a seal, judging if needed, spam Holy Shield and Consecration. Holy Shield is most important. If you want to conserve mana, try downranking spells. If you have a decent mana pool and aren’t being hit very hard, just spam max rank everything. This technique works well with good spell damage (600+). Otherwise, you can put on your damage mitigation gear, Seal/Judge Wisdom, and spam a very low rank of consecration, relying primarily upon reflective damage from Holy Shield and your buffs.

Once you have the mobs aggro’d, walk backwards until they are all in front. Remember that you cannot block or parry mobs that are not in front of you. It’s also probably worth noting that “front” is defined as a 180 degree radius. You can, if needed, actually go full run and still block and parry if you carefully strafe at just the right angle. This is useful for any encounter or situation where you might need to relocate fast or kite-tank.


Ez-Mode Consortium rep: The ethereals south of Area 52. The Consortium NPC in Area 52 has a repeatable quest. 250 rep (275 human) per 10 Zaxxis Signets. The mobs south of Area 52 drop the signets at an approximate 30% rate, in addition for a chance to get the keys. They also shit cloth and trash greens. Downside: A lot of people seem to like to grind here. I feel like a complete dick mass pulling everything.

Ez-Mode cash and Scryer rep: SW side of the middle tier of the Black Temple. There’s one side with a crapload of Demon Hunter Suplicants around a tent with a patrolling elite. Wait until the elite patrols away, then destroy them. Drops: asstons of cloth, Arcane Tomes, Sunfury Signets, etc.

BTW: The elite isn’t that hard to kill. He doesn’t drop anything other than a piddly amount of silver, but it’s fun just for satisfaction. Wear your tanking gear, JoW & SoW, blow all of your mana and go all out when you pull, he mana drains it anyways. Keep holy shield up. Takes a while but not that hard.