WoW Web Stats

  • Posted on: 28 January 2008
  • By: Keiya

If you don't already use it, WoW Web Stats is an excellent performance analysis tool. It's probably the most accurate and detailed out of all the current mods and combat log parsers out there. It doesn't display information in real time though like DamageMeters or Recount. You have to instead, enable combat logging (/combatlog or something, that will write everything in your CombatLog to a txt file in WoW/logs) and then upload it to the site. If you don't want to manually toggle it, there are mods that will do it automatically in accordance with what zone you are in. LoggerHead is a good Ace2 mod with said functionality.

Things that I found interesting, based off of a rather small sample size: 

  • I migitate roughtly 25% of all normal incoming damage via block/armor (normal as in not a special attack or spell). Roughly 54% of all damage is avoided.
  • In a night's run, I seem to let a few crushing blows slip by. I've noticed that when I engage a boss, I don't always get Holy Shield up by the time I'm within the mob's hitbox. I'm not sure if the rest are from spell lag, me not minding my spell rotations, or positioning issues.
  • Consecration does roughly 30% of my total damage on a boss fight, followed by Holy Shield at around 20% - 25%. Seal of Whatever comes up third at around 15% to 20%.
  • On fast attacking bosses (Halazzi), Holy Shield comes out on top at around 40% of my overall fight damage (it's uber nice, TPS goes way over 1.5k)
  • In my off-tanking gear Lay on Hands crit heals for 25871, lol.

WoW Update: 1/14/2008

  • Posted on: 14 January 2008
  • By: Keiya

The forums have changed yet again. Toying with new software.

I've picked up quiet a few items since the last time I've posted: The Pauldons of Stone Resolve from the timed chest event in Zul'Aman, the tanking boots from the first boss in ZA, the badge reward tanking coal, the badge reward tanking belt (not the spell one), tons of ZA crit gear, and the healing mace from Maiden in KZ. I'm at around 15277 HP unbuffed; Just need to chant my healing crap now (boo, expensive).

Observations: I've pretty much outgeared all of Karazhan. I've been having to swap into spell damage gear on most of the fights otherwise I go out of mana too fast (which is fine with me pew pew pew). Also noticing that tankadins are especially nice on some of the fast attacking ZA boss encounters because of Improved Holy Shield's 8 charges. I think Shield Wall is being proc'd off too fast on some of the warriors, who are getting crushed.

Oh, the mini-patch added a neat feature: When you perform a readycheck, marks will appear next to the names in the raid screen showing who is ready and who is AFK. Some of the custom UI's have integrated this feature as well. That is super duper handy.


Ugly Healing Gear and Jan'alai

  • Posted on: 10 December 2007
  • By: Keiya

Soaked up a few pieces for my offhealing set: [Spaulders of the Advocate] off of Halazzi and [Mojo-mender's Mask] off of Akil'zon. I am not honestly sure what either is supposed to be, the shoulders look like, as a guildy put it, "crap glued together" lol.

Got Jan'alai down in Zul'Aman. There are two important factors to the fight: Egg popping and bomb dodging (bombs are easy as shit to dodge). The boss is on a platform with a two separate platforms off to the East and West side, each platform containing a number of eggs. Every 45 seconds or so 2 trolls will spawn, each will head to a platform and begin popping eggs. When the eggs pop dragonhawks will spawn.

Every time the trolls spawn you want to allow a certain amount of eggs to pop because when Jan'alai reaches 35%, ALL of the eggs will pop at once. We kind of brute forced it: When he was at around 55%, we accidentally let ALL of the remaining eggs pop, so about 20 or so dragonhawks were free. Nuked them down and nuked the boss. If all of the eggs are popped, Jan'alai enrages. Compared to the damage output of say, Halazzi, it's pretty weak. Pew pew.

Jan'alai drops a really nice shield that I want. Getting a graphic update too! It currently shares the same graphic as the Hakkar shield, which is kind of ugly...

I finally finished off my cooking to 374 and acquired the Fish Tracking spell (new in patch 2.3). Just an FYI: You get the spell from the Weather-Bean Journal, which can be found in any of the crates that you fish. The easiest way to get it, by far, is to look for the Steam Pump Floatsam in Zangarmarsh. Fly around the edges of the lakes/lagoons, look for piles of floating crap, fish in them. Took me a half hour. Fish tracking by the way, makes it 10x easier to farm crawdads.


More Cowbell

  • Posted on: 6 December 2007
  • By: Keiya

I have new computer toys: An EVGA 512MB 8800gt Superclocked video card and a PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750w PSU. Crysis runs smoothly with 4x AA and all of the settings on high at 1280x960. Every other non-Crysis game runs smoothly my preferred resolution, 1680x1050 with all of the settings maxed out. Not pushing as many FPS as I could because my processor is a bit of a bottleneck, but meh (I am tempted to upgrade to a quad core, bad Keiya no more computer parts).

The temperature issue: The card runs hot because the stock fan doesn't spin up fast enough, EVGA has (supposedly) fixed this in a BIOS update. Alternatively, you can just tweak the fanspeed thresholds in RivaTuner to have it spin up faster at certain temperatures. There is a good illustrated step-by-step guide here and here.

Busy lately, no time to post. I'll try to write a few posts to address the email questions that I have been blowing off /apologize.

Zul'Aman: Halazzi Strategy

  • Posted on: 27 November 2007
  • By: Keiya

Halazzi is more or less a, "tank n' spank gear check add fight". Have your off-tank pickup the Spirit of Halazzi immediately, have your melee DPS focus on taking down the totems as soon as they pop, and have healers keep both tanks topped off because Halazzi does major damage.

Tanks: Halazzi's most annoying ability is Saberlash, an 18k cleave that splits between 2 people (not unlike Nalorakk's Brutal Swipe). Both tanks need to stand on top of each other for the entire fight. At 75% and 50% HP, he will split into two: Halazzi and Spirit of Halazzi (kitty cat). You need to pick up the Spirit ASAP, without moving off of the MT (soaking a full Saberlash = insta-wipe). Halazzi does not crush.

DPS: Totems will spawn throughout the fight. All melee DPS must take these down in seconds, they kill. The totems will spawn more frequently after Halazzi hits 25% health. When he splits, ignore the add. Hunters can tranq shot off frenzy.

Healers: Keep the tanks alive, it's not unreasonable to need 3 or 4 dedicated healers. The MT will take a ALOT of burst damage.

Tankadin note: Halazzi has a very fast attack speed, it's not uncommon for your TPS to break a steady 1k or so! The screenshot (which is sort of large, didn't shrink it down...) has my updated UI, I'll make a separate post about that at some point.