Watching: Dr Horrible & Anime

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is free again via Hulu. It is a musical tragicomedy directed by Joss Whedon (of Buffy, Firefly, etc fame) and starring Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day, Nathan Fillion, and Simon Helberg. It's three 14-minute episode series about a super-villain, a hero, a girl and so much more! Short, sweet and awesome. You must watch it, there is no reason for anyone not to watch it!

I used to watch anime constantly in college. My interest in it has tapered off since graduating (and being employed and thus able to purchase every game that I was too poor to buy or lazy to pirate). People talk about Gurrin laggan and Gode Geass frequently; I don't know anything about the other two other than they are supposedly good and worth watching. I'll acquire the first 5 episodes or so of each and give them a go:

...I like having things to watch while I level characters. Getting Doombeard to 70 and possibly leveling the mage before Fall is my next project.

WoW Update: 8/4/2008

  • Posted on: August 4, 2008
  • By: Keiya
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I'm hearing about raid attrition hitting a lot of guilds on my server. I wonder if it is a local issue or if it pre-expansion anxiety. One of the problems with my server is that when drama happens, instead of merging or joining into a pre-existing guild, the general thought is to branch off into a start-up raiding guild. So consequently, there are probably 50 guilds all at the same tier of progression and all fishing from the same pool of recruits.

So the expansion pack! Word on the street is that it is going to be released sometime late Q4 of this year. I wouldn't hold my breath on that, my personal bet is on it being delayed to early Q1 of 2009. I'm actually hoping that they delay it so that I can squeeze a few more titles into my fall game budget *Fallout3Rockband2etc*. Blizzard works on Blizzard time lol!

Keiya will of course, will remain a protection specced tank upon hitting the serious level 80 content. Until then, I haven't decided what I want to level as. You know, I haven't leveled as a prot spec before; I specced protection a month or two after hitting level 70 out of guild need (and never looked back since!). Retribution is actually a pretty fun leveling spec. I might end up going lolret for the sake of pure novelty (I have a reasonable crit set in the bank, we shit spare plate DPS gear).

My hunter, well, he needs to get off of his ass and finish off his last one and a half levels. I'll replace his mining profession with inscribing. Keiya will remain blacksmithing and enchanting, I've soaked way too much gold and time to ever change my professions (in addition to being the official guild armorsmither and one of the official guild raid enchanters). One of these days I'll have to take a look at the WotLK profession materials so that I can get a better idea regarding what I need to start stocking. That's what we all did pre-BC and it worked out well.

I might give Heroic Magister's Terrace trinket/pet farming another go this week since I'm that "busy" during the weeknights. I need to replenish by badge stash anyways, I used a lot of it on my gem spree this weekend, to swap out some of my crap blue gems.

Save Points

Early console games either used a password based saving system or none at all. Later on, certain games (Final Fantasy for example) had a small battery, allowing game data to be saved aboard the cartridge's RAM. Save points were used because at the time, it wasn't possible to allow on-the-fly saving on most console games because of the game state being too complex or large for the game's memory/card/whatever. This mechanic is a perfect example of something created through technological limitation, carrying through games today.

Keiya's Favorite Game Endings

SPOILER ALERT! An article about game endings naturally spoils the endings to games. I know that there are more that should be mentioned, but there are quite a few games that I have never played, finished, or just don't remember enough of.

  • I like endings that to some wrap the story up to some extent.
  • I like endings that rren't complete brain fucks (I love you like my own flesh and blood FFVII, but your ending was....yeah)
  • I like endings that are a culmination of these 3 qualities: The game's story, context, and what the player has experienced.
  • Game endings don't always have to be happy and cheery.
  • Game endings don't always have to be depressing esoteric shitfests (anime ending syndrome).
  • I like game endings with epic music. Of the favorites listed below, I vividly remember Mega Man 3, Final Fantasy VIII, and Portal because of the music. Epic epic music.

Cable Management

The Signum cable management rack from Ikea is the best thing ever. I finally got around to installing it and rerouting most of the wiring around my desk. No more dangly cables everywhere, huzzah! I need to do a better job of sorting out cables and tying off slack.

It would be nice to route some of the power cables near the wall socket around my desk leg so that they remain hidden. Unfortunately though, a few are short. I might try to prop and tie the power strip to the rack. Not sure if the giganormous power bricks will fit though. I Also bought a drawer unit to store all of my stupid USB cables, device chargers, guitar cables, PlayStation controllers, adapters, etc and any miscellaneous junk laying on the floor.