Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Yes I bought it and yes it is fun. I haven't though yet had a chance to try out adventure mode because we are still poking our way through the new act. From what I hear, it's the new cool thing to do and it appears to be really the only thing that anyone else on my friends list other than Dave and myself ever does in the game.

The new enchanting ability is probably one of my favorite additions to the game. I can't tell you how any drops I have received were literally off by one stat or buffed the wrong ability. Enchanting is kind of like WoW gear reforging with an RNG element. Don't like that one shit stat on that legendary drop? Well, you can now reroll any one property on any piece of gear for crating material costs. You have the ability to preview what the possible outcomes are before spending the materials. After you enchant, two random picks will be selected and you will have the option of either keeping the original stat or selecting one of the two.

We have been progressively lowering the difficulty down from torment III to master as we have progressed through Act V and have subsequently discovered that we are way undergeared for expansion pack torment difficulties. Well that and, we kind of what just casually make our way through the new content at least once without being too worried about getting reamed by an elite mob. We'll worry about the finer art of gear farming and what not at a later point in time.

Odds and Ends: April 3rd 2014

  • I am starting to get some serious fraying on the cord cord my favorite pair of earbuds. They still work, at least for now and I can probably buy some heat shrink tubing to do a short term repair. I guess the lesson is that straight plugs don’t seem to work out so well when my phone is being constantly shoved in my pants pocket as it ends up bending the cord into a 90 degree angle.
  • I have been greatly enjoyed playing Diablo III post patch 2.0 and am really tempted to buy the expansion pack but am insistent on being ‘good’ and waiting for it to drop in price. I have a sneaky feeling that at least part of the fun was due to it effectively feeling like a free game since I had already owned it and had not touched it in about 2 years. I'll probably end up caving.
  • I am noticing that the older I get the less I really care about buying things at full price at launch, given that they will most likely drop in price within 6 months.
  • Frozen was really cute. I greatly enjoyed watching it.
  • With my huge eBook settlement credit of $6.82, I can now purchase all of 2 or 3 books? Or, about 2/3rds of a full price eBook?

ACNL: More Frog People

I have had good luck breeding black roses this week; Quadrupling my black rose inventory even! Despite having used the fertilizer on my pear trees every day, I have still had no luck with growing a perfect pear. Don't sell your perfect fruit kids (by default all towns have one perfect fruit)! If you do, you aren't going to get it back for a while unless you are super lucky.

Puddles moved into town on Wednesday. We like puddles because she is cute and has for once, moved into a plot that does not interfere with any existing path or plant. On a similar note: Does anyone else have a villager that they kind of dislike but don't want to move out because their house is located in literally the perfect spot? This is the way that I feel about Chester.

I do not however share the same feelings about Rowan, who's house has destroyed the one and only apple tree in Chulak. I unfortunately did not realize that villagers could spawn so close to Re-Tail as well as another player's house (immediately to the right). Oh well :/

Smith Optics Boogie Regulator Goggles

  • Posted on: March 25, 2014
  • By: Keiya
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I picked up a new pair of goggles last week: Smith Optics Boogie Regulators with the bungee kit. In terms of low profile eye pro, I don’t think goggles get more low profile than these goggles. They are lightweight, excellent clarity (I recommend the ignitor lens), comfortable, and one of the few goggles on my consideration list that attaches gracefully to my helmet. Also, being low profile they have a great field of view.

On the downside: They did end up fogging on Sunday, which wasn’t too surprising I guess given that the ever so slight rainfall ensured that it would be somewhat humid (80 to 90% humidity, mid 70s). The fogging did stop if I was facing a breeze or if I was moving around, which wasn’t always an acceptable solution depending on the situation that I was currently in (versus just turning the turbofans on high). There was however, little to no fogging during the afternoon game when the sun had been out for a while. So in reality, the Boogie Regulators are going to be my “hot season” goggles. In Southern California that translates to every game except for maybe two months out of the year?

Update 7/28/2014: I have had the chance to run with these for several months and they do fog quite a bit when it is humid, particularly if it is humid with no sun or breeze. Despite the humidity, there was minimal fogging when we were playing in Hawaii and this weekend, but they were pretty terrible when we were up in LA for OP: Black Shield, at least until the same came out during the later half of the first game. I still plan on playing with my Boogie Regulators (being able to velcro them on to the back of my helmet makes them significantly more comfortable and easier to deal with then virtually any other google), but I will probably have to order anti-fog spray before my next game.

ACNL: Monthly Picture Dump (Yay Spring)

Huzzah for the snow finally being gone and not having a dejected looking town tree. I really wish that the ability to remove ground patterns was locked to each character. If only I was given a dollar for every instance in which I had kicked one of my paths off of the ground while picking up a piece of fruit or shuffling flowers around. Click the link below for the full post.