Modding Thief Gold

  • Posted on: April 14, 2014
  • By: Keiya
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I typed this out a while back but forgot to publish the post for whatever reason. This is the collection of mods that I am using the make Thief Gold tolerable on computer screens larger than a postage stamp.

My fellow denizens of the Internet seem to possess various opinions on whether or not the enhancement and HD mods remain true to the original spirit and look of the game, but I like them and I shall leave that judgment for your own personal preference. That said, I would highly recommend installing the TFix patch at minimum (enabled widescreen support, general fixes, patches, and the like). Also, as with any Steam game that you have to manually patch or mod outside of the Steam interface itself, I would highly recommend disabling automatic updates. You may do so by going to your Library, right clicking on the title -> Properties -> Updates -> Select ‘Do not automatically update this game’ from the dropdown menu. Mods used:

  • NewDark: An update to the Dark Engine to accommodate newer hardware. If you purchased Thief off of GOG, it already comes packaged with NewDark.
  • TFix: n all-in-one unofficial patch for Thief and Thief Gold. It improves compatibility with newer hardware, fixes miscellaneous issues, adds support for widescreen resolutions, and various other things. This update utilizes and comes packaged with the NewDark update.
  • Thief Enhancement Pack 2: Replaces some of the textures and models.
  • OpenAL: Enable EAX through the OpenAL library.
  • HD Texture Mod: Makes things HD.

1. Install TFix: Download and run the TFix installer (use 1.18a) or newer from here. By default, TFix will choose C:\Games\Thief as the destination folder. If you purchased Thief off of Steam or GOG you will need to change the folder path during the installation process to reflect your Thief install directory. For most people running Steam on a 64-bit installation of Windows it should be located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\thief_gold\

2. Install the Thief Enhancement Pack 2: This mod does not have an installer, Download the file from this forum post and drop it into the main directory. Ignore the installation instructions on by the way: You do not need to edit cam_mod.ini as that will be added later by the HD mod..

3. Install the HD Texture Mod: Download the HD Mod Installer and install it to your main thief directory.

4. Enable EAX through OpenAL: Extract the contents of the 7-zip files from this guide into your Thief Gold directory. Start Thief, options -> enable Hardware Acceleration until it shows OpenAL.

Tyrael, Aspect of Pizza

  • Posted on: April 12, 2014
  • By: Keiya
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As pointed out by someone on /r/Diablo, the reason why he absolutely cannot stop talking about how much he did or did not eat today (same voice actor apparently).

Diablo 3: Monk Tempest Rush Farming

As depicted in the video above (torment 1), I have been tinkering with a Tempest Rush farming build. Running around constantly is a much more gratifying experience than my previous style of play which was effectively, staying in one spot, occasionally moving out of poop, and tapping a few buttons. However also as depicted in the video above, I am not quite geared properly for this build so it's not really as efficient as it really could be to say the least. Bottom line: Yay, even more rerolling already rerolled stats. Yay more material farming.

Getting stunned into place is pretty much death. So, gingerly avoiding being on the business side of certain mobs is rather important but luckily not too difficult given that most hard hitters and stunners telegraph their abilities by a fair bit. I may replace one of my passives for Chant of Resonance so that I can keep Mantra of Conviction up. Once I get another piece of gear with spirit regen I can probably swap out exalted soul for something else.

Diablo 3 Post Level 70 Notes

My monk is currently at level 70 paragon 53. We have been clearing through Torment 1 Adventure Mode content without any real difficulty, My damage is still fairly low (pushing not quite 300k), but moderately useful items have at least been dropping for me lately. Recent spoils: Xephirian Amulet, Fists of Thunder, and Vigilance.

This build is what I have been running with lately. I swapped out Deadly Reach and Sweeping Wind for Way of the Hundred Fists: FoF and Mystic Ally. If I recall correctly, WoHF:FoF is the highest DPS spirit spender at the moment, but it does not generate as much spirit as DR and does not synergize with elemental bonuses. Once the RNGesus chooses to favor me in my endeavor to acquire +lightning damage items, I shall swap my build over yet again. Fire Ally seems to be okay? I am unsure how it compares damage wise with SW:CS with my current gear, but I kind of got tired of repeatedly having to recast Sweeping Wind every time I lost momentum or had to stop to look at gear drops, go AFK, and the like.

LTK:SS and DS are more or less staples for any of my builds.

Keiya's EDC (Every Day Carry)

This picture depicts everything that I stuff into the 5.11 RUSH Delivery Mike messenger bag that I drag to work and wherever. I like pockets and this bag has many pockets. Many many pockets. In reality, when I'm not going to work or anywhere that involves sitting around all day, an important meeting, and what not, I will take a normal purse instead with the "Pocket and/or purse" items. Not pictured: Tissue packet, 4GB encrypted thumb drive, alcohol based hand spray, hair band things, tampons, contact case and small bottle of wetting solution (if I am wearing contacts that day). All items are listed from to bottom, left to right.

Pocket and/or purse
Keys are kept in the left pocket, phone in the right pocket, everything else gets shoved into a purse. If I am, running out to grab a sandwich at lunch or something like that I will go sans bag/purse and take my phone, wallet, and keys ala man style.

  • iPhone 5 with Magpul Bump case.
  • Keys: iNova XS Flashlight & Leatherman Style PS
  • Wallet
  • Zipper wallet containing stuff that I don't want to vanish into the black hole at the bottom of my bag (like for example, receipts that I need to hang on to) + cards that I seldom use but don't want to leave at home. Keeping everything contained makes it easier to switch purses.
  • Kershaw Leek pocket knife pilfered from Dave.

Going to work, going to be gone all day, etc items.

  • Small Mokeskine notebook
  • Zebra F-301 ballpoint pen
  • Tactical Spork: I guess I can just leave it at work since its purpose is for eating lunch at work.
  • Klipsch S4i earbuds
  • iPhone cable and charger
  • Lemon scented hand lotion
  • Orange Trident chewing gum
  • USB battery pack
  • Foldable brush
  • Mirror + powder
  • Pillbox with a spare pair of contacts and things like Sudafed, allergy pills, Excedrin, etc
  • A d20

Supplemental Items
Just because it fits and just in case I am going to be anywhere and have an overwhelming urge to read a book or bust out play Animal Crossing (I read at lunch and like picking up 3DS tags).

  • 2nd Gen Kindle Paperwhite
  • Nintendo 3DS XL
  • Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook: Diagrams and notes for ideas, meetings, and projects.