ACNL: More Frog People

I have had good luck breeding black roses this week; Quadrupling my black rose inventory even! Despite having used the fertilizer on my pear trees every day, I have still had no luck with growing a perfect pear. Don’t sell your perfect fruit kids (by default all towns have one perfect fruit)! If you do, you aren’t going to get it back for a while unless you are super lucky.

Puddles moved into town on Wednesday. We like puddles because she is cute and has for once, moved into a plot that does not interfere with any existing path or plant. On a similar note: Does anyone else have a villager that they kind of dislike but don’t want to move out because their house is located in literally the perfect spot? This is the way that I feel about Chester.

I do not however share the same feelings about Rowan, who’s house has destroyed the one and only apple tree in Chulak. I unfortunately did not realize that villagers could spawn so close to Re-Tail as well as another player’s house (immediately to the right). Oh well :/

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